Chichester College Group

Wayfinding sign

The Challenge:

The Chichester College Group (CCG) wanted to create standardised branding across their five independent college campuses, located in West Sussex. The education facilities needed their signage to unite the campuses as a group and help the individual colleges to provide an outstanding level of education to their students.

The Solution:

Each college was responsible for its own budget and with vastly varying fixtures and fittings at each site, FASTSIGNS surveyed each location with CCG’s Project Leader to understand the incumbent signage systems. Audits of any hardware were also undertaken so any fixtures and fittings could be repurposed, helping budget-conscious sites to get the most value from their available funds.

On the exterior of each college, the building signs were refreshed with FASTSIGNS recommending illuminated and non-illuminated, dimensional lettering signs, to clearly showcase each college's name. As part of the design, each college had been allocated a specific colour so each signage system, at each campus, had to reflect its specific design attributes.

Wayfinding at each location was also extremely important to the college group, FASTSIGNS created a directional system that could be replicated across each location, using a mix of totem signs, overhead signage, wall graphics, identification signs and door signs. FASTSIGNS was able to create easily navigable campuses, helping the college to deliver on its objectives to create usable educational spaces.

Interior decor, was also considered to help promote the group’s culture in each college, creating visually appealing learning environments that focused on creating a positive and welcoming ambience.

The Result

Each of the five colleges now has its own identity, thanks to the innovative use of colour but is an unmistakable part of the wider Chichester College Group. Marketing Manager Jane Williams chose to keep the project solely with the FASTSIGNS design team, rather than working with the colleges in house design function. Jane commented, “working with the FASTSIGNS team has been a joy, I trust them to know exactly where I would want the signage. The team is fully committed to delivering and they have been an integral part of helping the Chichester College Group create a standardised look and feel, across all campuses.

Wayfinding sign

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