Wall Graphics and Murals

A wall graphic or mural is a creative signage application that can include anything from a logo, to lettering such as a saying or word or even an inspirational scene or image. Consider it a really innovative, super-sized sticker. These applications, made of vinyl, can also be called wall decals. Timing for installation varies depending on the size and complexity of the graphic.

While graphics may need assistance to install, they are easy to change out over time and instantly add a spark of style to any space. They can be customised to fit any area, nook or large wall.

How can wall graphics from FASTSIGNS help you transform your space?

  1. Assist with wayfinding

Wall graphics and murals are an easy-to-install way to direct people around your building, restaurant, store and more. This can truly enhance a visitor’s experience in and around your space as it directs them exactly where they need to go. A great visual communication solution, such as wall graphics, should seamlessly guide so that they don’t even notice any difficulty along the way.

  1. Branding

Your brand or business has a message or story to tell. Why not use a creative application such as wall graphics or a mural to do that? Whether large or small, wall graphics help communicate your brand or message within a space for visitors, customers or attendees.

  1. Interior Decor

Wall graphics or murals are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and help create a positive feel through the visuals or messaging used. You instantly know the way a room makes you feel or whether it sparks creativity. Wall graphics from FASTSIGNS can liven up an office space for collaboration, encourage creativity on a school campus, cultivate community in specific departments and more. There is truly a wide range of possibilities for what wall decals can do to help you accomplish your business goals through visual communication.

Need a creative way of providing wayfinding, consistent branding and interior decor within your space or want to give your space a facelift after your original signs and graphics have been installed? Wall graphics and murals are the perfect solutions for these needs.

Let FASTSIGNS help you find the ideal way to incorporate these options into your visual communication solution. Give FASTSIGNS a call today!

Products and services may vary by location. Please reach out to your local FASTSIGNS centre for more information.

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