Glass Whiteboards

Revolutionise any space with glass boards from FASTSIGNS®. Glassboards serve as a writing surface and provide a high-end look, integrating decor with function. Glass Boards offer unlimited possibilities for use in corporate offices, healthcare facilities, educational spaces and more.

Benefits of Glassboards:

  1. Help keep employees, patrons and visitors safe and healthy

Glassboard surfaces are bacteria-resistant and are compatible with any marker type.

  1. Customisable for whatever type of setting they are needed in

They can be permanently affixed to a wall or they can be portable, and can include finishes that enhance privacy while controlling light. They are compatible with any marker type and they are magnetic for hanging a cleaning cloth or other items on them for a brainstorming session. Logos, branding and messages can be printed on Glass whiteboards to enhance branding even further. For visitors and clients, this can help reinforce you as the ideal partner to work with.

  1. A one-of-a-kind solution

Glass Whiteboards are one of the most visually striking decor options on the market, making an impact on employees and visitors alike. These are the top level of whiteboards. They don’t leave stains and provide a high-end, sleek and modern look to all rooms in which they enter.

Custom Glass Whiteboards have a wide variety of uses, and here are just a few ideas for ways to incorporate Glass Whiteboards into your interior decor plan:

  • Conference Rooms - these can be hung on the walls or the top of a conference table that provides a space for colleague collaboration
  • Patient rooms - smaller versions can be used for patient charts and information for healthcare professionals to stay up-to-date on patient needs
  • College campuses - glass whiteboards can be used for class lectures and discussion sessions
  • Media outlets - glassboards can provide a space to flesh out content, hang physical papers and organise different beats

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