Podium Signs

FASTSIGNS can help you with your next presentation by providing you with the right signs and graphics to add professionalism, share your message and promote your brand, cause or organisation.

Podium Ideas to Complement Your Presentation

Podiums can be wrapped with your logo, messaging and colours. Other unique applications are available to help you stand out while giving a presentation, this includes a printed sea, ideal for an official presentation by a government agency. Vinyl decals and stickers can be temporarily applied to a podium to call out a favourite quote of the speaker, post the presentation schedule or simply display the name of the presenator.

Make Your Presentation Stick

Other ideas for podium signage is to include your website URL or a QR code to help an interested audience member learn more about you and your message. Signs adhered to the podium or use a large decal to provide this additional information to engage the audience and be remembered.

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FASTSIGNS is a sign, graphics and visual communications centre that provides comprehensive visual marketing solutions to customers of all sizes - across all industries - to help them meet their business objectives, and increase their visibility. Share your vision with our team and will provide creative solutions to help you reach your goal.

Looking for other ideas for your presentation event? Here are 7 tips to help make the most of an event:

  1. Promote the event with banner stands and printed materials ahead of time.
  2. Use wall murals, colourful table throws and fabric backdrops on the event day.
  3. Wrap the podium or create displays and dimensionally shaped stage graphics.
  4. Place digital signage in strategic locations to promote event activities.
  5. Use directional and safety signs to protect people and help them find their way
  6. Use removable window, wall or floor graphics to put messages in more places.
  7. Thank attendees and sponsors on A-Frame signs and bow flags as they exit the event.

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