Magnetic Graphics

Use magnetic receptive graphics to create a unique and easily changeable in-store décor and graphics. This graphic solution offers unique advantages in retail, food service, trade show, event and educational environments with frequently changing messages and promotions.

What are some of the benefits of this type of solution?

  1. They are versatile

This graphic solution offers unique advantages in retail, food service trade show, event and educational environments with frequently changing messages and promotions. The versatility of this type of graphic makes it a perfect choice for writable surfaces, changeable menu boards, and flexible merchandising. With magnetic receptive graphics you can create professional decor with bold graphics that can be easily changed to reflect a mood or season.

  1. They make an impression because they are so interesting and unique

Visual Magnetics Graphics create a distinctive look with textured magnetic receptive layers that appear to be canvas, satin and wood grain. They can be customised with colours and styles to fit whatever the signage needs may be within your space.

  1. They further enhance your branding to patrons

By staying up-to-date, you can easily make sure that your menu boards, store or business continues to have a consistent brand look whether inside your location or even around town at events.

What are some of the practical applications for magnetic graphics? We’re glad you asked!

  • Food service - From restaurants to cafes that easily rotate promotions, update menu items and change pricing, magnetic graphics are an ideal solution
  • Retail spaces - with a myriad of promotions, specials and constantly changing seasonal sales, retail can benefit greatly by implementing the simplicity of magnetic graphics
  • Trade show and event spaces - Magnetic Graphics provide simple put-up and take-down of visuals for taking your brand on the road to a trade show or letting the community know about a revolving door of upcoming events
  • Educational environments - teachers and staff can use magnetic graphics in schools to create whiteboard and chalkboard writing surfaces that can be moved depending on needs within the classroom.

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